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Shoreline Chiropractors | Dr. Marisa De Lisle & Dr. Jason Penaluna

The Chiropractors Proudly Serving Shoreline and North Seattle

Drs. Marisa Del Lisle & Jason Penaluna

Drs. Marisa Del Lisle & Jason Penaluna

Welcome to our website. By visiting our site it might mean that you are looking for something different for your health or that you are looking for something different from your health care provider. Whatever the reason for being here, welcome.

If you are the type of person who doesn’t like taking drugs or having surgery. If you are the type of person who wants not only to feel great but also to live your life to the fullest, then we are the Shoreline chiropractors for you.

A Different Approach to Healthcare

What we believe about health and your body is completely different from the status quo. Please know that ‘status quo’ thinking, generated by the current medical model, has created an American population that is the unhealthiest in the history of mankind. People are addicted to drugs, disabled by surgery and disappointed by a health care system that fails to talk about the cause of poor health. It’s time to think differently about health and that new way of thinking starts here at our Shoreline chiropractic office.

Call Northwest Family Chiropractic and Massage Today!

If this new and cutting edge way of thinking interested you, please phone our Shoreline chiropractic office and reserve an appointment or a no obligation, complimentary chiropractic consultation. If you need to know more about how we do things and what you can expect please feel free to poke around our site. You’ll see that we offer massage therapy, pediatric chiropractic, chiropractic during pregnancy, chiropractic neurology, and a hyperbaric chamber. You can also gain some knowledge about the other benefits of chiropractic by watching our health talks.

Thank you for visiting and we will look forward to serving you in anyway we can in order to get you on your path to wellness.

Dr. Marisa De Lisle and Dr. Jason Penaluna
Shoreline, WA Chiropractors | Phone: 206.363.4478