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Meet Dr. Marisa De Lisle

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“I like to help people achieve their health goals!”

As the child of a chiropractor, Shoreline Chiropractor Dr. Marisa De Lisle has been adjusted since birth. Chiropractic interested her because of its focus on prevention rather than disease. When it came time to decide her career path, chiropractic made sense to her. “I witnessed how my dad helped people and changed their lives.”

An Educational Journey

Dr. De Lisle received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life College West in CA. Witnessing the effect chiropractic had on the lives of people of all ages, led her to focus on family health care.


Certified in the Webster Technique from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), Dr. De Lisle has also done postgraduate work in pregnancy care. As a result, she receives many referrals from OBs, local hospitals, midwifery groups, and doulas.

Dr. De Lisle gets tremendous satisfaction from helping women enjoy their pregnancy free from pain. Chiropractic may also help them experience an easier and less traumatic delivery. After they have their babies, many women continue to see her for postpartum and pediatric care. Dr. De Lisle is also a certified provider of Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP for short).

When used with traditional chiropractic, this protocol allows the practitioner to change the shape of the spine to a more normal, or ideal position. CBP is an effective method for motor vehicle collisions, sporting injuries, chronic pain, and more.

Partnering with her husband Dr. Jason Penaluna in practice and life is highly fulfilling for Dr. De Lisle. They learn a lot from each other, and find it gratifying to collaborate on creating effective solutions for their patients.

When not helping others, Dr. De Lisle loves to spend time with her husband and their two wonderful children, Olivia and Hayden, who have been under chiropractic care since birth. She also enjoys exercising, hiking, reading, cooking and getting together with friends.

Continuing education is another one of Dr. De Lisle’s passions, as there is always more to learn and share.

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