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Shoreline Chiropractor Dr. Jason Penaluna was interested in anatomy and physiology from his youth. Before he began his chiropractic studies, he was offered a contract to play professional rugby. During play, he tore his ACL and required surgery and rehabilitation, which he did through chiropractic. Dr. Penaluna also developed a sizable Baker’s cyst on his left knee, which responded well, as long as he continued with chiropractic adjustments. These experiences solidified his career choice.

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As the child of a chiropractor, Shoreline Chiropractor Dr. Marisa De Lisle has been adjusted since birth. Chiropractic interested her because of its focus on prevention rather than disease. When it came time to decide her career path, chiropractic made sense to her. “I witnessed how my dad helped people and changed their lives.” Dr. De Lisle received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life College West in CA. Witnessing the effect chiropractic had on the lives of people of all ages, led her to focus on family health care.

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