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Structural Rehab at
Northwest Family Chiropractic and Massage

spine illustration overlaid on a persons backWhat Is Structural Rehab?

Structural rehab has the intent of reshaping the spine towards an ideal alignment. For instance, research supports the fact that if an individual has a loss of the normal neck curve it is a risk factor for chronic pain. At Northwest Family Chiropractic and Massage, we can offer a variety of care programs depending on what a patient “wants and needs” in order to achieve the results they are looking for; whether that is pain relief, better movement, or improved general health. A structural rehab program can be compared to a workout program where there is a goal of improving the health of the body and not just providing temporary relief.

A structural rehab program can be added to a traditional chiropractic care program. These programs are designed based on the findings we obtain from a detailed examination and are individualized for each patient.

What to Expect

A Structural Rehab program is like an exercise program. It takes consistency and time to make changes to the structure. These programs show reliable and repeatable changes to spinal shape and are based on some of the most cutting-edge research published in some of the top scientific journals.

Symptoms We Can Help

A spinal rehabilitation program can be beneficial for many symptoms. Some of those symptoms include neck pain, lower back pain, middle back pain, pain and/or tingling shooting down the leg, pain and/or tingling shooting down the arms, headaches/migraines. BUT symptoms are not the only reason that people choose these care programs. Many people choose a spinal rehabilitative program because they understand the relationship of spinal health to their overall health. A person can choose a program to prevent injury or pain as they age.

Physical Therapy vs Structural Rehab

Spinal rehabilitation is different from the type of rehabilitation a person might experience with a physical therapist. The goal of a spinal rehabilitation program is to actually reshape the spine towards an ideal position. Most of the time, physical therapy is focused on stretching and strengthening muscle groups. We know that the spine needs to be shaped a certain way in order to function well.

Since the spine is the foundation of our body, and houses our nervous system, it is important for the spine to remain healthy and flexible as we age in order to support general health. Structural rehabilitation and function rehabilitation (typical physical therapy) go hand and hand and our doctors can guide the patient both aspects of health to obtain the best results.

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