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Meet Dr. Jason Penaluna

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“I enjoy drawing out people’s healing potential.”

A Defining Experience

Shoreline Chiropractor Dr. Jason Penaluna was interested in anatomy and physiology from his youth. Before he began his chiropractic studies, he was offered a contract to play professional rugby. During play, he tore his ACL and required surgery and rehabilitation, which he did through chiropractic.

Dr. Penaluna also developed a sizable Baker’s cyst on his left knee, which responded well, as long as he continued with chiropractic adjustments. These experiences solidified his career choice.

Dr. Penaluna received his Bachelors of Science in Psychology from the University of Victoria in 1998. He then began his Chiropractic journey at Life Chiropractic College in GA, but transferred to Palmer Chiropractic College in IA, receiving his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2004. He completed studies in Chiropractic Neurology through the Carrick Institute of Graduate Studies and received his Diplomate from the American Chiropractic Neurology Board in October 2017. He then received his Fellowship in Neurochemistry and Nutrition from the American Board of Functional Neurology in 2023. In that same year, he also receive his board certification as a chiropractic sports physician. He continues to study traumatic brain injury rehabilitation and to seek his fellowship in this discipline in the coming years.

In 2022, Dr. Penaluna was honoured to be asked to join the Mariners organization as one of their Chiropractic Consultants. He continues to help many local, collegiate and professional athletes, but longs for the day when the Seattle Kraken ask for his services!

His next project and focus is to publish much needed Chiropractic research. He has teamed up with Dr. Shaka Hatcher, Chiropractor to the Seattle Seawolves, and Dr. Masa Takakura, former Chiropractor to the Seattle Mariners, to link athletic and cognitive performance to chiropractic care.

Working with his wife, Dr. Marisa De Lisle, is enjoyable for Dr. Penaluna, and being able to share insights to provide the best care for their patients is priceless.

Dr. Penaluna enjoys spending time with his wife and their two children. He also likes to hike, mountain bike, ski and play sports. He spent time as a board member of both the Pro Baseball Chiropractic Society and the Pro Hockey Chiropractic Society, and is involved in coaching local and national rugby teams.

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