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Chiropractic Care and Injuries
at Northwest Family Chiropractic and Massage

There is a reason why every single major league sports team in the United States has a chiropractor on staff. It is because athletes perform better, recover faster, and avoid injury more efficiently if their spines and nervous systems are adjusted regularly. Regardless of what event caused your injury, whether it be a car accident or a sporting event, chiropractic will help support the body’s healing and recovery.

Providing Care To Athletes

“Helping people recover from injuries related to sports or life, in general, is near and dear to my heart. I am a chiropractor because chiropractic helped me recover from a potentially career-ending knee injury when I used to play sports. Essentially, it took me four months to recover and return to competitive sports when it normally took seven for this type of injury and surgery. I can think of nothing I am more passionate about then providing care to young athletes who are looking to break through in their sport.”

By adjusting the spine and nervous system as well as reprogramming the brain to communicate optimally with the body, we literally see athletes smash records, go years without injury and recover much faster from injuries if they do happen.

“Although there is nothing better than chiropractic care for helping with neck pain, back pain and headaches, chiropractic is really all about performance and helping the body to reach its best. There is no partnership that is a better fit than the pairing of chiropractic and Athletics and if you are an athlete setting your sights on high level sports, chiropractic is the first place you should look. I will look forward to meeting you and helping you go as far and as high as possible in your sport.” says Dr. Penaluna.

Chiropractic & Sports Go Hand In Hand

Dr. Penaluna is also a member of CEPA, which stands for chiropractic for the Elite and Professional Athlete. This association helps the NBA, MLB, MLB Umpires Association, NFL and MLS.  Dr. Penaluna is also a member of PBCS (The Pro Baseball Chiropractic Society), These are organizations that include chiropractors from Major and Minor League Baseball Teams as well as the chiropractors from The NHL (National Hockey League). Both of these organizations work to improve chiropractic delivery to athletes in professional baseball and hockey.

Get Relief Today

If you are injured or are looking for additional ways to examine your body for imbalances that could potentially be influencing optimal athletic performance, we contact our office today to set up a consultation.


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